Rikshem is owned by AMF Tjänstepension AB and the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund. Rikshem is a significant borrower in the Swedish market and regularly issues commercial papers and bonds.

The total external interest-bearing liabilities as of 31 December 2022 amounted to MSEK 29,021 of which:

  • MSEK 4,530 pertained to bank loans
  • MSEK 999 to liabilities to the EIB
  • MSEK 2,841 borrowings through commercial papers
  • MSEK 20,506 related to bonds

Rikshem works closely with banks and credit institutions in order to ensure long-term, diversified financing. Rikshem’s financing department is responsible for managing Rikshem’s financial transactions and risks.

Credit rating

Rikshem has an A3 credit rating with stable outlook from the credit rating agency Moody’s. The rating was confirmed by Moody’s in June 2022