Company facts

Rikshem is one of Sweden’s largest private property companies. Our business concept involves offering and developing residential properties and properties for public use in selected municipalities in Sweden.

We take significant social responsibility in our residential areas, and by focusing on sustainability, we want to contribute to healthy community development. Our owners, the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund and AMF Tjänstepension AB, are also the type of safe, long-term players that guarantee that our business prioritizes a commercial approach and profitability.

Rikshem owns properties throughout Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the North.

Goals and vision

On 30 of September 2022, Rikshem owned about 29,000 apartments and our property portfolio was worth SEK 61,2 billion.

Our vision for Rikshem is to make a difference in the good society. We want to achieve this by combining a commercial approach with social responsibility. We want to contribute to long-term sustainable community development in the locations where we operate, from a social, environmental and economic perspective.

In-house, responsible management

Our 309 employees predominantly work out at our properties on service, maintenance and property development. We have a local presence in all our locations. With a flat organisation and quick decision-making, we want to be able to give our tenants the best possible service. We have chosen to have our own property management, in order to maintain complete control and insight.

At the head office in Stockholm, our staff work with for example rent administration, finance, business development and Communications.

We build new, manage and grow

Rikshem was formed in 2010 when Vasakronan chose to sell off its residential properties and concentrate on commercial properties. The company mainly owned properties in Uppsala. Since then, we have been on an exciting journey and have seen strong growth with good profitability. We are continuing to grow thanks to wise investments in growth areas and the construction of new residential properties and properties for public use.

Attractive accommodation throughout life

During your lifetime you will live in many different types of homes. Rikshem wants to be a property owner that can offer attractive and secure accommodation throughout a person’s life. We own student apartments, rental apartments, senior accommodation and care homes. We are also building new rental apartments, apartments for sale and properties for public use. For our properties for public use – such as nursing homes and schools – our partners are municipalities and care providers, and we aim to maintain good, long-term relationships with them.